Real Estate Charging Solution

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Solution for the domestic charging

Brief introduction of the scheme

It is suitable for individual users’ charging needs. One charging pile and one card are provided for each vehicle. It can be operated offline and is not open to external operation.

Advantages of the scheme

1. The card authentication is used in the charging operation to guarantee the privacy.

2. The operation is convenient for it can be started or stopped through swiping the card requiring no additional settings.

3. It can be easily installed.

Solution for the platform operation

Brief introduction of the scheme

It is mainly used in the management of operation through logging in the the interface remotely to review in real time the charging status of all charging piles, charging operation statistics, historical charging records, and charging failure data, etc. Two access methods: 4G, local WIFI networking.

Advantages of the scheme

1. The operation is simple with all the configuration information of the Internet information having been set at the factory requiring no spot settings.

2. Accessing the platform to manage it remotely.

3. The charging status is recorded in real time; therefore, it is safe and reliable.

4. The networking methods are diverse, which support the 4G and local WIFI networking.

5. The operation methods are diverse, which support the APP and WeChat applet.

6. The charging report statistics and charging operation analysis, etc. are supported.

Solution for offline operation

Brief introduction of the scheme

mainly for the charging needs of some communities where there is no network signal or Internet access is not allowed in the basement.

Advantages of the scheme

1. The cost is controllable due to the operation by local stand-alone version. 

2. The information security is guaranteed as there is no need to access any platform.

3. The usage is safe due to the CPU card encrypted by hardware.

4. The construction of the local offline deployment is simple.

Solution for load scheduling

Brief introduction of the scheme

At present, since the capacity in most communities is limited. This solution can realize the data interaction between the power distribution system and the charging facilities in the residential area, and real-time adjustment of the charging power in accordance with the the power change of the power distribution system to ensure the economic, reliable and safe operation of the corresponding power distribution system.

Advantages of the scheme

he utilization of power distribution capacity is improved to save the investment in the capacity expansion of transformer.

The changes of the load are tracked automatically to adjust charging power in an orderly manner in real time.

The self adaptive adjustment in group adapts to the characteristics of scatteredly distributed venues.

The guarantee of DC fast charging is limited to avoid occupancy.

Make full use of the trough period of electricity price period at night to consume the electricity economically.

The balance of the tree phases is adjusted to optimize the quality of power utilization.