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Solution for multi-energy fusion charging

Brief introduction of the system

Multi-energy fusion charging system is composed of new energy power generation systems, smart energy storage systems, charging and discharging systems of electric vehicles, energy management systems, smart carports, and smart auxiliary facilities. The system is flexible and reliable by adopting AC and DC hybrid bus and standard system solution and being configured through modularization. It makes full use of new energy power generation, smart energy storage and uses the charging and discharging of electric vehicle to regulate the electric vehicles to realize the charging of new energy electricity for new energy vehicles. The load restraint technology is controlled by means of multi-layer interconnection to solve the insufficient capacity of the distribution network, improve the charging experience and increase the operation income. And by taking advantage of the price difference during the peak and valley, the power utilization cost is reduced and system economy is improved.

Characteristics of the system

[Multi-energy fusion]
The system can access the new energies like photovoltaic and wind energy, etc. to generate electricity and realize the charging of new energy electricity for new energy vehicles.

[Full consumption of new energy]
 The optimal system configuration is used to ensure the full consumption of power generated by new energy, reduce the energy cost and increase the revenue.

[Improve the quality of electric energy]
The system has reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression functions to improve the quality of the electric energy in the charging station.

[Load constraint]

It solves the insufficient capacity of power distribution networks, improve the charging experience and increase the operating income.

[Integrated design]
The integrated charging solution is customized to meet different demands and reduce the investment cost.

[Load shifting]

Energy storage and electricity prices during peak and valley are fully made used of to reduce energy cost and increase revenue.

[ Capacity expansion of electricity]

The capacity expansion of electricity is achieved through photovoltaic and energy storage to improve the charging capacity of the system and increase the revenue of charging.

Solution for flexible DC distribution network system

Brief introduction of the system

The flexible DC distribution network solution highly integrates the electricity generation system, transformation and distribution system and consumer through the energy conversion device. A number of core technologies such as non-communication interconnected DC distribution ring network control, self adaptive impedance analysis, smart management of flexible power distribution, and real-time monitoring and prediction of electricity grid status are used to effectively improve the quality of electricity energy, reduce power conversion links, reduce power loss and operating cost, and coordinate the contradiction between large electricity grids and distributed electricity sources. The mutual energy supply among multiple DC networks, and switch operation mode between DC distribution networks are achieved to improve the stability of system and make full use of the value and benefits of distributed energy.

Characteristics of the system

[ High system efficiency]
The structure is simple without the switch of AC/DC and the system efficiency is high.

[High system reliability]

The difficulty in connecting stored energy and distributed power to the DC bus is low and the system reliability is high.

[ Fewer problems in electricity energy quality]

Compared with AC grid, it has fewer electricity energy quality problems.

[Multiple DC bus interconnection]

Thanks to the DC droop control function of the system, multi-section DC buses can be interconnected.

Soultion to network chain energy storage system

Brief introduction of the system

The network chain energy storage solution is a comprehensive solution that integrates packet energy conversion equipment, energy storage battery systems, smart EMS systems, and energy storage cloud platforms for the entire business ecological chain. It improves the stability and applicability of the system through multiple core technologies like master-slave peer-to-peer management control, flexible charging and discharging and two-level protection, online prediction, and target power control without communication interconnection to improve the reliability and applicability of the system, achieve the safe and steady operation of the system, safety management of the battery and high-economic strategy scheduling. With its flexible configuration and simple control, the system is safe and reliable, which is suitable for various energy storage application scenarios.

Characteristics of the systeme

[Flexible configuration]
The equipment and battery of the system can be configured in accordance with the demand to meet different demands.

[Flexible charging and discharging]
Adopting the optimal charging and discharging strategy through monitoring factors such as battery, equipment, environment, demand, etc. to extend the life of the battery.

[Hierarchical management]
The system is hierarchically managed and controlled through equipment level, uEMS and EMS to improve the stability of the system.

[Strong adaptability]
Different operating strategy can be configured to various sub-system to adapt to different operating demands.

[Double layer safety protection]
The active safety protection of energy storage converter and safety protection of EMS system can guarantee the safety of the system.

Solution for mobile energy storage system

Brief introduction of the scheme

Mobile energy storage system integrates cabin, energy storage system, fast switching cabinet, system control cabinet, energy management system and hydraulic system. Its displacement and installation is so convenient and quick that it is suitable for various scenarios like electricity capacity expansion, load shifting, grid transformation, temporary power utilization, and reserve power supply etc.

Characteristics of the system

[Plug and play]
The integratedly designed system is small in size and high in integration and the external connection interface is reserved, which is convenient for accessing;

[Easy expansion]

The function of multi-machine parallel connection without communication can be achieved through droop control. Therefore, the accessing is flexible and the expansion is convenient;

[Double layer protection]

The system builds a multi-dimensional, multi-angle, and systematic charging and discharging security model in terms of equipment protection and data protection, and space and time to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

[Seamless switching]
Thanks to the integrated on/off-grid fast switching system, switching at the millisecond level is achieved to ensure uninterrupting power supply for important loads.

[Various functions]

The system integrates systematically the functions of power products like energy storage converter, reactive power compensation, harmonic control, and off-grid operation;

[Flexible charging and discharging]
The charging strategy is adjusted dynamically according to the influencing factors like power demand for charging and discharging, grid information, battery information, environmental parameters, and historical data system, etc by means of adjustment in multi-stage and compensation in multi-dimension to charge and discharge with the best current and voltage to extend the battery life.

Combination of products
Combination of products
Combination of products
Combination of products

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