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Solution for the charging for vertical-lifting garage

Brief introduction of the scheme

The front-level power distribution cabinet of the vertical-lifting garage charging system is located on the first floor or first floor underground of the three-dimensional garage and each AC charging module is located in the charging parking lot. In comparison with the group charging system, it improves in flexibility configuration and space utilization, avoiding the problem of  long-distance CP signal’s not meeting the national standard, and it is mainly applied in the AC charging for passenger cars in smart garage.

Advantages of the scheme

Flexible configuration
The charge modules can be installed in stages according to the number of charging parking spaces required.

High rate of space utilization 
There are a large number of parking spaces in the smart garage, but the space is limited in the first floor and the parking spaces in the higher floor can be used thanks to the splitting design.

Small size accessing
The smart garage has relatively high operating accuracy, the car board is in place horizontally with limited space. Therefore, the size of the horizontal connectors designed for the smart garage shall be smaller on the basis of safety and reliability.

Integrated design
Negotiating and docking with the parking control system of the three-dimensional garage manufacturer to achieve the integration of parking and charging. The user can complete the parking, charging, and payment functions in one operation.

Solution for the charging of lifting and transversing garage

Brief introduction of the scheme

The group charging control cabinet of the lifting and traversing garage charging system can provide 6 charging power, and the output power of a single parking space is 7kW. It is installed on the wall behind the lifting and traversing garage or hung on the main frame of the three-dimensional garage steel structure. And it is mainly applied in lifting and transversing garage with centralized charging parking spaces as well as the smart garage with little restriction on the bottom space.

Advantages of the scheme

Load limitation
The cost of the system is reduced through dispatching the load to realize the orderly charging for electric vehicles.

Safety protection
The electric plugging is avoided as the terminal is not powered when the pile is standby.
It has multiple protection functions like over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, over current, over temperature, etc.

Big tolerance of the connectors
The relative accuracy of the lifting and traversing library is poor, and the tolerance range of the connectors is big. It can meet the tolerance of ±20mm in X, Y, and Z directions and ±5° of inclination to ensure reliable docking.

Various operating methods
Two operation methods of offline/online are available to support the payment of swiping card/ scanning code to meet the demands of different customers.

Combination of products
Combination of products