AC/DC Charging Station Test


The charging station test system is a full-intelligent test system to solve low process automation, and poor record and analysis capability according to electrical performance, interoperability and protocol conformance testing of current charging station. It is divided into DC and AC charging station test systems.

The system meets the testing requirements of national standards including Inspection and Test Specification for EV Charging Equipment NBT 33008-2013, Test Specification for Conductive Charging Interoperability of EV GB/T34657.1-2017 for off-board charger, Communication Protocol Conformance testing of EV Off-Board Conductive Charger and Battery Management GB/T34658-2017, EV Conductive Charging System GB/T18487.1-2015.

●  Through the device integration, it adopts the barcode binding, button-start test, and automatic judgment of test results, to realize the whole intelligent and automated workflow, so as to reduce the operator and improve the test efficiency.

●  It has host-computer control, friendly interface and convenient operation.

●  The automated test saves manpower and improves efficiency.

●  It automatically generates test reports. The data cannot be modified, but can be saved in the background for easy trace.

●  It has emergency stop and protection function.

●  The Timing detection is to detect whether the timing meets the national standard through the signal waveform collected by the oscilloscope.

●  The anomaly detection involves analog communication interruption, S disconnection, interface disconnection, voltage overrun, insulation fault, ground fault, etc.