Integrated & Discharging Station


The integrated charging & discharging station is a high-end smart charge-discharge product that has been launched for new-energy EV market. It has the functions like battery charge and off-grid and grid-connected discharge. It is applicable to diversified charging environments, and provides safe, reliable, stable and efficient charging services for EVs.

●  Shifting load and adjusting the power grid

When the load of the power grid is too high, the EV discharges the electricity to the power grid to supplement the power grid; when the load of power grid is low, it charges the EV and stores the electricity of power grid.

●  Charging at low-price and discharging at high-price at a premium.

When the electricity price is low, it charges the EV and buys the electricity from the power grid; when the electricity price is high, the EV discharges and sells the electricity to the power grid, and the car owner can get returns.

●  Electric breakdown of power grid, mutual charge of cars, and emergency rescue

In case the electric breakdown occurs to power grid, the vehicle with high battery can directly charge the vehicle with low battery. The vehicle should not be in in-situ isoelectric state; otherwise the vehicle is not able to run.

●  Cycle charge and discharge, battery inspection

The battery of EV is firstly fully discharged, and then is fully charged. In the process, it can compare the charging capacity and the nominal capacity of battery and check the health status of battery.

●  Regular charge and discharge, battery protection

If the EV is idle for a long time, it should be charged and discharged at regular intervals to protect the battery inside the vehicle.