DC 60kW Fast EV Charging Station


The 60KW CCS Combo2+CHAdeMO standard EV charging station is especially designed for the EU market, equipped with dual outputs in CCS2 and CHAdeMO standard for 60kW single or simultaneous charging,it can meet most common charging requirements of electric vehicles in European countries. The EV charging station is equipped with OCPP1.6 J protocol, supports remote monitoring and controlling, billing and the software can be upgraded remotely. 
The pluggable modular design makes the maintenance and repair easier.
Fully graphical charging process and multiple user authentication makes HMI friendly. 

●  60kW single or simultaneous charging;

●  Fast charging, charging vehicle battery from 30% to 80% within 15 minutes;

      (according to different battery capacity and BMS system). 

●  RFID card, APP, Password user identification;

●  OCPP and network connectivity enable system integration;

●  Support remote monitoring and maintenance, software can be upgraded remotely;

●  Pluggable modular design ensures high availability;

●  94% power efficiency for energy-saving;

●  IP54 and small footprint provides high adaptability;

●  High temperature monitoring function, with automatically cut off in abnormal situation;

●  High environmental adaptability on the extreme cold and heat conditions.