LINCHR E Series 7kW/11kW/22kW AC charger is designed for residence and commercial usage, we designed it with tethered and untethered type for your options, it is also available in pedestal and wall-mounted type for easy installation anywhere. Remote use design allows to swipe RFID card or OCPP Backend to start or end the charging process.

●  Current is adjustable from 6A to 32A

●  22kw AC Charger support wiring of both 1 phase or 3 phase;

●  MID-certified kWh meter and type B leakage protector 30mA AC/6mA DC; 

●  Overall operation status monitoring, control and protection, ensuring the charging safety;

●  OCPP 1.6 J communication protocol in WS/WSS and WiFi 2.4 GHz;

●  Charging data management, ensuring the integrity and security of users charging data during the charging process;

●  More energy efficient:<15w standby power;

●  RFID cards supported;

●  Enable and Disable charging by RFID Card and APP;

●  Wireless firmware update;

●  IP54,IK08 Protection Level.