Smart Connection Parts


Connection Part A

Application scenario

It is mainly applied to the lifting-traversing stereo garage with carry-board and high tolerance range of +-20mm.

Connection Part B

Application scenario

It is mainly applied to smart stereo garages with carry-board, high running accuracy and limited installation space, e.g. tower garage, plane-mobile stereo garage, and laneway-stow-type garage etc. The thickness of the connection part on carry-board is only 50mm, with the tolerance range of +-15mm.


1. Smart connection: It replaces the trailing cable to avoid the potential safety hazard arising from cable dragging during the moving process of carry-board.

2. Long service life and maintenance-free: The traditional charging terminals can be plugged and unplugged for 10,000 times. Comparatively, this product can be plugged and unplugged more than 5 times the performance of traditional charging terminals.

3. Intelligent monitoring of temperature: It monitors the electrode temperature of the connection part in real-time, to avoid the fire disaster arising from the heat generated from the increasing contact resistance due to improper connection.

4. High tolerance: The tolerance range is +/-20mm, and adapts to the errors of different carry-boards and traversing frames.

5. High protection: It protects against dust, foreign objects, and touch before and after plugging. The protection level is IP54 after plugging.